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Shawna Shepherd headshot
- Shawna Shepherd,  The Wealth Carrier

“I’m not what I do, I’m who I am. I make dreams reality!  A kingdom girl that gets the job done, period! Know who you are but until then know who and what you are not.”  

Shawna Shepherd public speaking

My story is one of resilience and perseverance. I was born to teenage parents, my mom was a pastors’ daughter who was actively serving in the church and my dad was a kind, tough, hood dude from the projects. I grew up in humble surroundings with my younger sister and brother in Columbus, OH. My life was not always easy but it was one full of love and family support. Despite all that I experienced, none of it was able to keep me from achieving the success I desired at an early age. Dramatic setbacks such as 2 children at the age of 21, being a single mother, living in the projects for 2 years,  parenting a special needs child, and some childhood trauma taught me invaluable lessons that set me up for success.  I’ve learned to turn my pain into purpose and passion. It is my passion to share my story and to empower, encourage and exhort others to greatness.

About Shawna

Fear of the Lord + Humility =
 Wealth. Honor. Life

Our Mission

We will successfully identify wealth carriers by empowering them with keys to internal prosperity that will unlock financial success.

Building Wealth

We will teach corporations how to maximize business profitability and create additional streams of income.

Building Businesses

We will create new youth and adult entrepreneurs by identifying gifts and provide action plans to use gifts as a usable service.

Building Leaders

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